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How To Start An Hand Painted Art Collection

Posted : June 30 2015

Art is one of the truly great social levellers; you don’t need to have a single penny in your pocket to appreciate and enjoy creativity. Of course, if you want to start a collection you will need some funds, but you may be surprised to discover that creating an art collection of your own doesn’t have to be a treat reserved for millionaires. Armed with a little bit of know-how, and the right resources, it’s easy to start building a collection of your own. But starting an art collection is very different to buying pieces individually; here are some of the facts you will need to consider.   Learn to think differently If you are serious about wanting to build an art collection, you will need to learn to approach the subject differently than before. The chances are that if you’re not a collector, you simply buy art because it strikes a chord with you, an image you enjoy and would like to regularly see. As a collector, more thought needs to go into your purchases which may at times mean exercising restraint. Having a collection means groups of artwork which are linked in some way, rather than just random pictures that you fell in love with and were compelled to buy. This means planning your acquisitions and selecting the right pieces which will complement your existing purchases. Of course buying art is very much a personal and instinctive decision, but learning how to channel those feelings into a more organised thought process will help you create a far more cohesive collection in the long run.   What’s important? Unlike with buying individual paintings, when you are trying to build a collection no single piece is more important than the sum of the parts. Although you will want to purchase beautiful and striking artwork, the skill lies in identifying and tracking down the pieces which will help your collection to evolve, complementing your existing art. One of the other most important factors in creating a noteworthy collection is recognition and understanding of your own tastes. Is it the technical ability that attracts you, the use of colour, or the subject matter? Or perhaps it is simply the way it makes you feel. Being aware of why you like certain pieces of art will help you plan and organise your purchases far more efficiently. Don’t be dissuaded by so-called professionals dictating...

How to Buy Hand Painted Original Art for Small or Large Spaces

Posted : June 29 2015

Rewind if you will a few hundred years, to when original paintings were a luxury of the wealthy. Now fast-forward to the present day and we find that people live in all sorts of unusual spaces: converted sheds, tiny terraces and studio flats. They still long to adorn their walls with original art, but no longer have to worry about the price - just how they are going to make it fit. If you live in an unusual space and are looking to buy some original art to suit your home, perhaps this reference guide will help.   How do you make a small room feel bigger?   Changing the feel of a small space is all to do with depth perception. If you hang a large painting depicting a distant horizon your eye will be drawn into and through the painting, giving you a greater feeling of depth and, in turn, make a small room feel bigger. Aim for a light colour palette as dark colours, even if showing a horizon, can have the opposite affect.   How can I broaden a narrow room or hallway?   Broadening a narrow room or hallway is a three-step process. First, paint one wall darker than the other. On this wall, hang a captivating piece of original art, and on the opposite wall in the same place hang a mirror. This action is known as reflective art. It gives the illusion of a broader space by reflecting the light and the detail.   How do I make a short room feel tall?   Like dressing a short person in vertical stripes, adding artwork which contains vertical lines or which is made up of pieces of art hung in vertical lines, will help give the illusion of height in a room with a low ceiling. If you go for pieces made of multiple segments hung together, always go for an odd number as it adds balance.   How do I make my studio flat feel less cramped?   The key here is to bring the outside in. Whilst adorning your walls with art won’t literally make your space any bigger, the addition of landscapes, country views or seascapes will allow your mind to wander and feel less constrained by your physical space.   How do I make a short room feel long?   Much like making a short room feel tall, it’s all...

How To Choose The Right Original Hand Painted Canvas Art

Posted : June 28 2015

Like fashion and food, how to choose the right original hand painted art for your home comes down to personal taste. However, what you like and what will suit your home doesn’t always result in a harmonious juxtaposition of ideas. In this article we hope to explore some of the genres of canvas artwork best suited to your style of interior design.   Modern Interior = Contemporary Art If your interior features crisp straight lines, simple solid colours and plenty of space you should look for contemporary pieces, which demonstrate similar attributes. Strong geometric shapes and bold colours are ideal if you are going for an attention-grabbing piece, or if you are looking for something less striking why not try something that has simple line work in one or two neutral colours housed in a solid frame of a similar tone. Acid Rain by Black Crow Contemporary Art   Traditional Style = Landscapes & Oil Paintings If your home sports more of a comfortable, classic feel - think Chesterfield sofas and warm open log fires - then traditional landscapes or oil paintings of earthy objects will be best suited to your interior. The warm rich tones of the oil paints will lend themselves well to the ambiance of your home whilst landscapes will evoke feelings of joy and happiness, especially if they depict somewhere dear to your heart. Wheatfield with Cypress by Vincent van Gogh   Coastal = Seascapes & Vivid Blues If you live by the sea there is no doubt that in some, if not all, aspects of your home this will be reflected. There will be blues and greens, soft hessian browns and crisp clean whites. The original art you buy should complement this theme. Seascapes in vivid blues or harbour scenes in tonal browns and rustic burnt reds will look incredible as boxed canvases or framed in simple raw wooden frames. Whatever original artwork you choose to display in your home, make sure it enhances your interior design choices, not distracst from them. A strong piece of art will age with your home not date because of it.   Jewels In The Sky by Black Crow Contemporary Art Best of luck Karen and the rest of the team at Black Crow Contemporary Art 

Decorating with Abstract Canvas Art

Posted : May 06 2015

Abstract art is non-representational and often minimalist. It’s a type of art that encourages us to use our imagination. Sometimes Abstract canvas art may contain only colour or texture, but its always a great way to add an accent colour to your home and if you are not sure a good way to start your decor project. You can look at a modern painting and imagine all sorts of things, giving meaning to each line and splash of color, every time in a different way. Which makes for a great conversation piece with family and friends when they are over! Abstract wall art may seem like a very pretentious style that’s not suitable for all homes, but it looks great in modern decors,and can also complement nicely a more traditional setting. Abstract canvas wall art can be a very refreshing and dynamic addition to compliment any home decor. Black Crow Contemporary Art - come visit for your next interior design project!      

Bring on the New Year

Posted : January 20 2015

After putting up our feet and enjoying copious amounts of festive season bubbles, beer and good food, we are so excited to be back in the warehouse, and have literally hit the ground running. We are working on new art works for Black Crow Art and are hand crafting creations for commercial clients. As you move into the new year and consider your next interior design project always be sure to consider the colours that you plan to use before buying anything. It is important to remember that a color has the ability to set a mood. Bright colours will raise spirits, while neutral tones can encourage relaxation. Here's some great advice.... invest in an artwork first and decorate your room around it!  A fabulous contemporary abstract hand painted artwork creates a focal point for your home decorating and proves over and over to be a great conversation starter, there is no doubt an artwork sets the ambiance in your room. Here are a three of our most popular artworks that went out to clients before Christmas. They are selling quickly and will be out of production shortly as every piece we create is a limited edition. Check them out quickly to be one of the lucky owners of the 50 only limited editions available. Thank you for your support and wishing you all a Happy 2015.             "Mexican Dance"                                                           "Tranquil"                                                                           "Lemon and Limes" Check out our art gallery to see what is going to make your walls look awesome this New Year.   Here's to great art in your home, Karen Finemore and the Black Crow Contemporary Art Team.      

The Best Place To Buy Affordable and Cheap Canvas Wall Art In 2015

Posted : January 10 2015

So you're after affordable canvas art, but you still want something that oozes quality? Black Crow Contemporary Art are creators of beautiful hand painted canvas wall art. Each design is limited to only 50 copies, meaning that they are truly unique! (not to mention stunning) We are proudly Australian and our online store gives you the opportunity to buy online directly from the comfort of your own home. Check out our online gallery where you can find our art that is created with lots of love!

Merry Christmas! Thanks For Helping Us Stick It To The Man In 2014

Posted : December 19 2014

Hey there friend,  Merry (nearly) Christmas!     Thanks from everyone at Black Crow Contemporary Art for an AMAZING 2014. In that time we’ve grown from a small startup and stuck it to the man, and we couldn’t have done it without you. 2015 is THE year that we continue to change the game. Rest assured we will be ahead of the curve and continue to bring the Australian public, the latest and greatest design driven, hand crafted canvas wall art. My 2015 goal is to deliver you the very best range of unique, modern art at an affordable price. That’s what gives me the greatest pleasure and gets me out of bed at the crack of dawn each morning. Have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year period. I know the team at Black Crow Contemporary Art will be back bigger (over indulgence) and better than ever. Until then…. Shoot the lights out, Karen Finemore and the Black Crow Contemporary Art Team

Welcome To Our New Online Store For 100% Hand Painted Artworks On Canvas

Posted : October 05 2014

Welcome to our new online store where you will find the latest that is genuine hand painted wall art. We pride ourselves on delivering our global customer base the most unique, design driven canvas wall art.    Black Crow Contemporary Art was born in early 2014, when we found a lack of modern hand painted canvas art options to decorate our respective houses. As astute art lovers ourselves, that was so frustrating!   It’s our mission to revolutionise where and how the Australian public sources their art. We believe our contemporary and fresh designs, premium product, outstanding customer service and affordable pricing make us a market leader in this field.   Unlike other art retailers each art work from Black Crow Contemporary Art is a limited edition piece. Every design is limited to only 50 prints. Meaning you're unlikely to see you're stunning piece of fine art popping up everywhere else, like you would with many other online mass produced art retailers. Each piece of limited edition fine art is handcrafted by one of our talented Black Crow artists using only the most premium products. That means we use the finest acrylic and oil paints, kiln dried frames and stretched cotton canvas.   Make sure you have a good look around the store, check out our stunning modern abstract art and feel free to get in contact if you have any questions. We're really excited about this new venture and hope that you love our art work as much as we do!    Love you more, Karen Finemore and The Black Crow Contemporary Art Team