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How To Choose The Right Original Hand Painted Canvas Art

Posted : June 28 2015

Like fashion and food, how to choose the right original hand painted art for your home comes down to personal taste. However, what you like and what will suit your home doesn’t always result in a harmonious juxtaposition of ideas. In this article we hope to explore some of the genres of canvas artwork best suited to your style of interior design.   Modern Interior = Contemporary Art If your interior features crisp straight lines, simple solid colours and plenty of space you should look for contemporary pieces, which demonstrate similar attributes. Strong geometric shapes and bold colours are ideal if you are going for an attention-grabbing piece, or if you are looking for something less striking why not try something that has simple line work in one or two neutral colours housed in a solid frame of a similar tone. Acid Rain by Black Crow Contemporary Art   Traditional Style = Landscapes & Oil Paintings If your home sports more of a comfortable, classic feel - think Chesterfield sofas and warm open log fires - then traditional landscapes or oil paintings of earthy objects will be best suited to your interior. The warm rich tones of the oil paints will lend themselves well to the ambiance of your home whilst landscapes will evoke feelings of joy and happiness, especially if they depict somewhere dear to your heart. Wheatfield with Cypress by Vincent van Gogh   Coastal = Seascapes & Vivid Blues If you live by the sea there is no doubt that in some, if not all, aspects of your home this will be reflected. There will be blues and greens, soft hessian browns and crisp clean whites. The original art you buy should complement this theme. Seascapes in vivid blues or harbour scenes in tonal browns and rustic burnt reds will look incredible as boxed canvases or framed in simple raw wooden frames. Whatever original artwork you choose to display in your home, make sure it enhances your interior design choices, not distracst from them. A strong piece of art will age with your home not date because of it.   Jewels In The Sky by Black Crow Contemporary Art Best of luck Karen and the rest of the team at Black Crow Contemporary Art 

Decorating with Abstract Canvas Art

Posted : May 06 2015

Abstract art is non-representational and often minimalist. It’s a type of art that encourages us to use our imagination. Sometimes Abstract canvas art may contain only colour or texture, but its always a great way to add an accent colour to your home and if you are not sure a good way to start your decor project. You can look at a modern painting and imagine all sorts of things, giving meaning to each line and splash of color, every time in a different way. Which makes for a great conversation piece with family and friends when they are over! Abstract wall art may seem like a very pretentious style that’s not suitable for all homes, but it looks great in modern decors,and can also complement nicely a more traditional setting. Abstract canvas wall art can be a very refreshing and dynamic addition to compliment any home decor. Black Crow Contemporary Art - come visit for your next interior design project!      

Welcome To Our New Online Store For 100% Hand Painted Artworks On Canvas

Posted : October 05 2014

Welcome to our new online store where you will find the latest that is genuine hand painted wall art. We pride ourselves on delivering our global customer base the most unique, design driven canvas wall art.    Black Crow Contemporary Art was born in early 2014, when we found a lack of modern hand painted canvas art options to decorate our respective houses. As astute art lovers ourselves, that was so frustrating!   It’s our mission to revolutionise where and how the Australian public sources their art. We believe our contemporary and fresh designs, premium product, outstanding customer service and affordable pricing make us a market leader in this field.   Unlike other art retailers each art work from Black Crow Contemporary Art is a limited edition piece. Every design is limited to only 50 prints. Meaning you're unlikely to see you're stunning piece of fine art popping up everywhere else, like you would with many other online mass produced art retailers. Each piece of limited edition fine art is handcrafted by one of our talented Black Crow artists using only the most premium products. That means we use the finest acrylic and oil paints, kiln dried frames and stretched cotton canvas.   Make sure you have a good look around the store, check out our stunning modern abstract art and feel free to get in contact if you have any questions. We're really excited about this new venture and hope that you love our art work as much as we do!    Love you more, Karen Finemore and The Black Crow Contemporary Art Team