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Specifications and Sizing

Each piece of limited edition fine art is handcrafted by one of our talented Black Crow artists using only the most premium products. That means we use the finest acrylic and oil paints, kiln dried frames and stretched 100% cotton canvas. The high quality materials ensures that your modern canvas wall art is destined to last for many years to come.

Each piece of canvas fine art will form part of a limited edition range, meaning each design will only be hand painted up to 50 times. 

Every artwork is checked for quality at each step of the creation process, from the choice of stretcher bars, canvas and professional paint pigment, so that we make sure we only offer the best quality contemporary art on the market. Every single detail related to the hand painted canvas art we offer is subject to scrutiny by our quality control team, inspected and signed off by an art director and that’s why we can offer a full replacement guarantee testing making sure the artwork of your choice will enlighten your wall for the next years.

In terms of sizing, we offer the following options below. If you are in need of a custom sizing we are more than able to provide this. We regularly provide much larger custom sizes to clients. The best way to arrange this is to drop us a line on our contact page.